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Emily Wagener, Sports Dietitian

Emily is a Baltimore native who has been committed to bringing optimal nutrition to the Charm City fitness scene since 2018. As an athlete herself, Emily thrives on the opportunity to help others learn how to use nutrition as a tool to balance their health and fitness. Emily believes there is nothing better than helping an individual feel empowered to own their performance and achieve their goals.

Emily graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Dietetics and is licensed as a Registered Dietitian. Emily has experience working with collegiate and professional athletes as well as everyday gym-goers at organizations including University of Maryland Athletics, FX Studios and James Madison University Athletics.

Emily believes the best nutrition approach is individualized, sustainable and supports you both in and outside of the gym. Her goal is always to provide the education and tools you need to be the master of your own nutrition – no matter your goals.
Whether you are just beginning to think about your health or are a veteran athlete, Emily is here to help you take it to the next level.

Common Topics Addressed in One-on-One Coaching
- Fueling for Sports Performance
- Nutrition for Injury Prevention / Recovery
- Muscle Gain
- Competition Fueling
- Customized Meal Planning
- Lifestyle Habits
- Goal Setting
- Nutrition for Busy Professionals
- Under-Fueling / Yo-Yo Dieting
- Mindset Blocks

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