Jamie Reisinger is a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and has a Masters Degree in Nutrition & Integrative Health on top of 15 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and CrossFit Level 2 trainer.


She specializes in working with what she defines as "the everyday athlete": the individual who has already figured out how to make time for fitness (whether sport, weight training, group ex classes or anything in between) but is struggling to add the nutrition component in to achieve their ultimate goals.


Jamie has a very realistic and holistic approach, taking the whole body into consideration when creating a plan and understanding that no one has a perfect diet 100% of the time. If you hire Jamie as your nutritionist, you can be sure to expect to work on improving sleep quality, digestion, energy, and reducing stress along with better nutrition habits!


If you have a goal of fat loss, building muscle, improving performance, supporting better gut health and digestion, or any combo of the above, schedule a free discovery call with Jamie to see if you are a good fit to work together!