Recover the right way.


Normatec 2.0 Recovery pants are here! Our introductory offer to lock in: $15/per 30 minute session OR add to any membership for only $19/month for unlimited use every day! 


What are they?


Cutting Edge Compression:

Warmup and recover like never before. The Normatec 2.0 uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you feel refreshed faster.


Custom Calibration:

The Normatec patented Pulse massage pattern includes a unique digitally controlled calibration phase that molds the attachments to your body, guaranteeing a custom fit and perfectly precise pressure each session.


Helps body and legs circulate blood flow to the muscles for ample recovery.


Based on demand for this, our next investment will be a zero gravity deep tissue recovery massage chair that will be included in this Add-On membership! (Based on sign up interest)







$39.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price